vendredi 17 août 2012

you might win some but you've just lost one...


Le scénario de BW 2 est quasi fini. Plus complexe et plus abouti que celui du premier on comprendra d'avantage les persos.
Deux petit dessins une recherche sur shango et un perso qui a mon avis aura son effet dans le deux...granny yaba, un grand mère stylé....

BW2 script is almost finished, More complicated and precise than the first one, but it will help to get further into the discovering of the characters of the BW universe.
Two little doodles, a posing for shango like you don't mess with shango and a new characters granny yaba...kind of grandma you just dream to have....

good song, good clip, good lyrics, here s a bonus track, enjoy:

peace out